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Reflexology has been my main bodywork therapy from the beginning of my career in alternative health. My original training was with V.C.T.C. I qualified in 1998. The method works and is soothing and relaxing. In 2000 however I attended a seminar with Tony Porter, an osteopath from London. His training is superb and his enthusiasm addictive. I try to incorporate his techniques as much as possible. The reflexology he teaches is powerful, meaningful and brings amazing results. When I travelled in south east Asia I found there was a depth to the reflexology they used in Thailand similar to the way in which Tony teaches.

Reflexology is a very powerful therapy which works on our nervous system via manipulation of specific pressure points on the feet.

The following are just a few of the ailments that reflexology can help alleviate:

Backache, shoulder and neck pain, headaches and migraine, depression, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, sciatica, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, heart problems, panic attacks, thyroid problems, blood pressure problems, IBS, menopausal problems, pre-menstrual problems, lack of energy and low morale.

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Reflexology is based on an ancient form of therapy. There is evidence of some form of foot therapy being practised in China as long ago as 4,000 B.C. Reflexology as it is known today shows that reflexes found on the feet act as a mirror image of our body.
It is believed that Reflexology shares the same roots as acupuncture and that our feet are a reflection of our physical and mental health.

Today we are leading busier lives and need to be aware that stress can cause up to 80% of all ailments. Tension, a result of stress, can cause a tightening, like a tourniquet, around the body’s system which can lead to serious consequences.

In order to keep the body normally balanced, it is imperative that the blood and nerve supply to every organ and gland operates at maximum level. Our organs and glands receive their instructions from our most intricate of all networks, the nerves. These chord-like structures, comprised of a collection of nerve fibres, convey impulses between the central nervous system and other regions of the body. A short circuit is often caused by tension putting pressure on a vital nerve plexus or even a single nerve structure which supplies a vital organ.
With reflexology, tension is eased and pressure on the nerves and vessels is relaxed, thus improving the flow of blood and oxygen rich nutrients to all parts of the body, which then balances and heals itself.

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