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Pamela Irving

Holistic Therapist

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Advanced Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Member of Howard College of Advanced Hypnosis
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What is Hypnotherapy?

John Howard, who was responsible for setting up the National Association of Hypnotherapists, trained me in Hypnotherapy on a one-to-one basis. John had over 20 years experience, ran his own college, and at his peak, helped around 45 people per week. His work included lecturing to Doctors and healthcare professionals in hospitals. He wrote 4 books on the subject and featured on both radio and national television programmes!  John devised a method of hypnotherapy which was entirely original to him and is far from the standard ‘suggestion hypnotherapy’.

He used a holistic approach as he felt there was a need for the whole body and mind to be treated.

During hypnotherapy, specific techniques are used to put the client into a relaxed state of mind so that we can aid the subconscious to help the patient to relieve the mind of problems. You will be fully aware at all times of what is happening and will maintain total control.

In everyday life, we generally use what we call the conscious mind; however, this conscious mind is only part of our total mind - only about 5% in actual fact.  The other part of our mind is our subconscious mind, taking up the remaining 95%. It is important to understand that the conscious mind can have a totally different agenda to the subconscious mind. For example, although the conscious mind knows smoking is bad for us and wishes to stop, the subconscious mind objects to giving up - as there could be an emotional factor to consider. Only when we delve a little deeper into finding out exactly why, using hypnotherapy, can we recall the answer.

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Only when both the conscious and subconscious mind agree to work together, can we achieve a successful result. The conscious mind can be described as our ‘humanness’. It decides, analyses, judges, objects, discriminates and rationalises situations for us. It has no memory, one thought simply replaces another. Should we require memory, we call upon our subconscious mind. The conscious mind is like the captain of a ship - it sees what is going on and tells the subconscious mind (the ship’s engine room) what to do.

Our subconscious mind holds our memory bank of all of our life experiences, good and bad. It has no intelligence or morals and understands repetition. It controls our health and repair maintenance of our body. From childhood we accept certain forms of ‘programming’ from the outside world, which may not always be goodforus. With the aid of hypnotherapy we can establish why a problem began - it could be that we have forgotten a traumatic event and buried it to allow ourselves to cope with life. When the patient begins to allow a more positive message into the mind or simply remembers and releases the memory, then the problem can be released.

Holistic Hypnotherapy can help:

* Depression
* Weight loss
* Self esteem
* Panic attacks
* Pain
* Phobias and Fears
* Insomnia
* Addictions
* Digestive problems
* Blood pressure problems
  and more…

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