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The Buteyko Breathing Method

What is the Buteyko Breathing Method?

The Buteyko method consists of a series of breathing exercises and guidelines specifically designed to reduce over-breathing (clinically known as “chronic hyperventilation”) The majority of people with health problems breathe too much, this alters the natural levels of gases in the blood and reduces the oxygen delivery to the tissues and organs. This then causes the constriction of the smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels and airways. In Buteyko breathing we teach you to bring your breathing volume back to normal and make the switch from mouth to nose breathing the help alleviate health problems

How does Buteyko work?

Buteyko is best known as a remedy for asthma, COPD, snoring and sleep apnea, however anyone with any health condition can benefit from the method. The method is a simple one, however the training introduced is over a 5 day period for one and a half hours per day. Initially people need support and help to enable them to re train their breathing until it becomes habitual. When the technique takes hold in the beginning the body will cleanse and the therapist can support the client going through this process as they began to see beneficial changes in health.

The main principle of Buteyko is to breathe through the nose not the mouth. To breathe less is more beneficial to health. Due to stress and poor dietary habits many people in the west over breathe. When we over -breathe through the mouth, this leads to constriction of blood vessels.

We introduce breath holds in Buteyko, these are controlled and this builds up carbon dioxide in the blood, the reason we do this is because when we over-breathe this lowers the pressure of arterial CO2, this tightens the bond between oxygen and haemoglobin depriving all cells in the body of adequate oxygen (The Bohr effect).  CO2 plays a vital role in balancing pH of bodily fluids. This allows us to breathe less and although people initially see carbon dioxide as a waste product, by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood we then allow our blood vessels and bronchial tubes to expand., This sends more blood to the brain and the heart. The breathing method calms the nervous system. Many health problems can be traced back to chronic overbreathing or chronic hyperventilation. These conditions are characterised by mouth breathing, upper chest breathing, frequent sighing, large breaths when speaking and heavy breathing while at rest.  If our cells are under-oxygenated, we lack energy; these are the typical symptoms of ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

This under-oxygenation also prejudices the function of every system in our body, including the following:
* Our lungs (causing wheezing and Asthma)
* Our arterial system (causing high blood pressure, strokes, heart disease)
* Our digestion (causing IBS, Crones disease, Diabetes)
* Our acidity of our body (causing Osteoporosis)
* Our immune system (causing colds, flu, Cancer)
* Our blood supply to our brain (causing headaches, mental health problems, Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzeimers)
* Our reproduction system (causing infertility)
* Our blood supply to our joints (causing inflammatory reaction and pain of Arthritis and Rheumatism)

Patrick McKeown, my teacher
Buteyko Breathing Method

* During the breathing exercises we change your blood PH (acid/alkaline) in minutes. No food, exercise or medication acts as     quickly.
* We do reduced rate breathing which stimulates rest and digest, this activates the parasympathetic nervous system which helps with sleep, stress and anxiety.
* We do rapid pulsed breathing which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system response to increase your energy and prepare you for exercise and boost your body’s natural defenses
* We do diaphragmatic release this massages the major organs liver, stomach, pancreas and spleen thus hugely improves the digestion, alleviates IBS and constipation. It also activates the vagus nerve which reduces the heart rate and relieves blood pressure
* The main lymph channels are below the diaphragm
* Expansion of the diaphragm massages the heart and lungs giving a healthy internal massage
* 70% of body toxins are released through the exhale
* Reduces the risk of heart disease (lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol)
* Stabilises blood sugar
* Cuts the risk of inflammatory disease e.g. (cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s)

* Reduces production of stress hormone cortisol
* Cuts chances of diabetes by strengthening the insular beta receptor sites
* Improves sleep cycle reduces insomnia and sleep apnoea
* Lengthens the cell’s life span by cleansing the cells more thoroughly through increased lymphatic flow
* Slows ageing process by increasing the secretion of human growth hormone (anti age-ing hormone)
* Optimises the immune system by strengthening the T cell formation and improving lymphocyte production
* Improves mood by elevating “feel good” hormone serotonin and other positive endorphins
* Improves mental focus and concentration by increasing blood flow to the pre frontal cortex of the brain

Pamela’s story and Buteyko...

The Buteyko Breathing Method is something that I came across in the winter of 2017 when I had taken to my bed with a bout of bronchitis. I had a fluey head, achy body, heavy sinus congestion, a hacking cough and was exhausted. The time in bed was about a week, then I tried to return to work.  Although I felt ok, the cough would not disappear and each time I exerted myself I would begin to cough again.  People told me to use antibiotics to release the problem but instead I searched for something natural to get rid of the cough.   I found a technique from Buteyko that stopped me coughing within minutes, I was so interested I went online to find out more….

I have been training in Buteyko and use it in my everyday life. I find it gives me more energy, I sleep more deeply, I rarely have any pain or joint problems, I have lost weight (two dress sizes) I feel calmer and my mental clarity and concentration is clearer…with all this new found bounce I have now trained as a Buteyko breathing practitioner and can offer one to one instruction over a five day period…I use the breathing method alongside my other therapies and it all adds up to an all round MOT !

My teacher was the amazingly humble Patrick McKeown, he is the founder of Buteyko Clinic International. Patrick is a renowned author and he teaches all over the world.  He was honored to receive his diploma in this method by Dr Buteyko himself when he went to Russia in 2002.

The History of Buteyko

Dr Konstantin Buteyko was born in the Ukraine in 1923. He had a breathing disorder where doctors told him that this was likely to cause him to have an early death. He worked as a scientist. In his work, he measured the breathing of people who were dying. This proved a breakthrough for Dr Buteyko as he used the knowledge he had gained to cure himself of his own medical condition. In the 1950’s he was given charge of a team of people who were scientifically researching breathing disorders. He used his new found knowledge to test whether the method worked on other patients - it did - everyone who practiced his method became permanently cured of whatever condition they suffered. In 1960 he published his successful results - he expected those in authority to be pleased. However, they felt threatened that with the method everyone would cure themselves and put them out of business. The authority in charge set Dr Buteyko the challenge of curing 80 % (36) out of 46 “incurable” patients. In 1968 all 46 (100 %) were cured. However, rather than being acclaimed, Dr Buteyko and his team were dismantled and they lost their jobs.  Dr Buteyko’s work has continued - and eventually spread to the west. Dr Buteyko was poisoned and died in 2003 at the age of 80.

During Buteyko training you will learn to:-

* Unblock a congested nose using breath holds
* Switch to nasal breathing permanently
* Do seven exercises to reduce your breathing
* Incorporate lifestyle guidelines to improve your health

This breathing method is for you if you wish to greatly improve your fitness and health, improve your quality of life, your energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety.

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